Mechatronics Programme

Mechatronics Programme aims to equip students with the competence, knowledge and skills to carry out project management related to mechatronic products and mechatronic production systems, and make  cellularly defined designs, in addition to being able to conduct mountings, tests, acceptance procedures, changes of location, maintenance, repairments and revisions in the sectors where mechatronic products are manufactured or mechatronic production systems are employed by both taking occupational health and safety measures in accordance with environment protection regulations and  quality management system documentation and acting within the scope of their authority and in accordance with the regulations.

Upon the completion of their education in our department, the students possess sufficient mechanic, electric, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and software knowledge together with skills required to fulfill these tasks effectively.


Members of the Teaching Staff

Lecturer Dr. İsmet Gücüyener, Head of the Programme (

Lecturer  Ercan Yavuz (

Lecturer Ömer Nuri Çam (


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