Graphic Design Programme

The mission of our programme, which offers a kind of education with emphasis on technical skills, artistic creativity and the visual language of graphic design, is to equip students with basic art culture and design formation to improve their interpretative and investigative faculties, contribute to their artistic creativity and familiarize them with technological opportunities used in graphic design. The Graphic Design Programme aims to train graphic designers who have graphic design knowledge appropriate to existing universal norms, high creativity and abilities to both carry out researches and generate solutions. It is also aimed to train graphic designers who are open to improvements, able to use computer opportunities and possess high cultural background together with good communication skills.  In order to furnish students with perspectives which will enable them to combine art with technology, a well-rounded theoretical and practical educational programme is conducted in the laboratories and studios of our programme.


Members of the Teaching Staff

Lecturer Murat Çalış, Head of Programme  (

Lecturer Gültekin Erdal, Head of Programme Erdal (

Lecturer Dr. Erhan Mutlugün (

Lecturer Evrim Sırmalı  (

Lecturer Alper Çetin (

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