The Programme of Textile Technology

The direction of the competition in the global textile industry has already changed from cost towards quality; therefore, the companies in the Turkish textile sector have to increase their manufacturing quality to higher levels if they want to continue to exist. A large amount of investment is expected to be made in the Turkish  textile sector in the coming years so that the companies of this sector can manufacture high quality textile goods which will replace normal goods. For this reason, the objective of the programme is to train the prospective  intermediate technical personnel  for textile sector and related areas such as weaving, yarn, finishing and clothing. The workforce to be employed in the sector consists of the textile technicians with the ability to use appropriate software. In addition to being able to identify fibers and texture, textile technicians are able to manufacture products from them using the technology currently available. They are trained well enough to ensure the application of occupational health and safety regulations at workplaces as well as following the advancements in textile technology.


Members of the Teaching Staff

Professor Dr. Mehmet Karahan, Head of the Department (

Lecturer  Nevin Karahan, Head of the Programme (

Lecturer Yeliz Umur (


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