The Programme of Electricity

The objective of this programme is to train highly qualified technicians who are to work in close collaboration with electrical engineers in the industry. In this programme, students are provided with theoretical and practical knowledge about basic electricity, electrical measurement, electrical resources, integrated projects, uses of electricity, control and structures of electrical machines, control systems, electrical and electronic applications, using computers in addition to being equipped with electrical hand skills. Through our laboratory studies, our students also receive a high-quality practical training about basic electrical concepts, identification of electronic components, structures of electrical machines, identification of properties of electrical machines, control of electrical engines, electrical measurement also programmable logic controllers.


Members of the Teaching Staff

 Lecturer, Hasan Bayazit, Head of The Programme (

Lecturer, Mehmet Şen (

Lecturer, Alper Kemal Yolgeçen (

Lecturer, Bülgan Tomaç (

The curriculum can be found here

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