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Uludag University,Vocational School of Technical Sciences launched its educational activities in 1986-1987 academic year with 177 students and 8 programmes as an educational institution offering two year associate’s degrees in technical and social programmes under the name of Bursa Vocational School in order to meet the need of Turkey’s industry for intermediate workforce. Pursuant to the resolution of the Senate of Uludag University numbered 95-13/11, the name of our school was changed as Vocational School of Technical Sciences in 1996. During this process, the department providing education in economic programmes was separated from the main body of our school and started education as a separate school under the name of Vocational School of Social Sciences.

Our school was one of the vocational schools included in the project which was agreed upon in 1989, with formal agreement signed between The World Bank and The Council of  Higher  Education(YÖK). The laboratories and workshops of 23 vocational schools and faculties of occupational and technical education included within the project have been equipped with the latest technological devices in consistent with the objectives of the project.

The classrooms and laboratories of our school occupy an area of 8219 square metres in the main campus of Uludag University. The total value of educational equipment available in the laboratories of 19 programmes of our school is 5.5 million Turkish Liras.

The Vocational School of Technical Sciences, which started education with 7 programmes in 1986, continues to offer education with 19 programmes at present. Also, another notable project entitled as dual degree programme was agreed upon and signed between Manufacturing and Mechanical Programmes of our school and City College Brighton and Hove and Thames Gateway College in 2008 academic year within the scope of Vocational  Educational Dual Degree Project of  Council of Higher Education (YÖK), and it has been running  effectively since it was put into action. The students of the dual degree programme receive their first year eduction in Turkey and second year one abroad. Upon the completion of two-year-education, these students get their dual associate’s degrees accredited by EDEXCELL and recognized by 115 countries.

Our school has already provided 2725 training certificates for employees of different sectors in 116 different areas since 2001. With 66 members of academic staff, our school has always made strong efforts to strengthen its active cooperation with the industry and always attached a great deal of significance to offering contemporary and innovative occupational training activities.

Vocational School of Technical Sciences gives priority to;






Vocational School of Technical Sciences

The date of establishment : 1986

Director of the school: Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARAHAN

Contact info: Bursa Uludag University Vocational School of Technical Sciences

16059 Nilufer/BURSA/TURKEY

Phone number: +902242942304

Fax: +902242942303

E-mail address:



The Mission of Vocational School of Technical Sciences:

Our school, with its universal and high quality education, aims to supply the need of manufacturing and service sectors for qualified workforce with contemporary vocational expertise and high communication skills. The graduates of our school, who are trained to be investigative, creative and respectful to cultural values, are prepared to serve the public and industry with their contemporary and high quality expertise they have developed  at our school.

Besides its efforts to fulfil its mission of producing knowledge, putting it into practice and spreading it, our school also aims to conduct researches, create cultural and artistic values, serve the public and industry at universal level, as well as reaching the contemporary knowledge in order to make an essential contribution to the improvement of our nation and humanity in terms of socio-cultural, economic, scientific and technological aspects.

Our school has always placed great importance on strenghtening and pursuing its national and international  academic respectability in the field of education through its relentless pursuit and adoption of  the latest advancements in science and technology.

The Vision of Vocational School of Technical Sciences:

During the process of training qualified intermediate workforce for the industry, our school has become integrated with society through its R&D cooperation projects with the industry, and while continuing to develop in itself,  it promotes the development of the region in terms of technological, scientific and cultural aspects.

We continue our efforts to be a leading vocational school where contemporary information technologies are made available for the education with the aid of the latest technological equipment required for the vocational training.

Basic Values:

Scientific approach

Social responsibility

training qualified workforce

Lifelong education

Relations with industry



Social, cultural and sports activities


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