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Primarily through the business disciplines that contribute to his students, armed with knowledge and skills in accordance with the expectations of enterprises, global business with professional ethics, for example, and leading to a program, the goal is to work in enterprises qualified as the elements of a program is to be preferred by qualified students. 

National and regional business community equipped, entrepreneurs and researchers to train qualified personnel search, business science that will contribute to the academic sense, scientific studies and projects, producing businesses to share in the results obtained. 

School of Economics and Business Administration program provides training in administrative programs, depending on the presidency. Our program provides students with theoretical and practical training accordance with general business formation. Accordance with our training curriculum and practical training during the period of the business trips also have to do an internship is composed of students.
Compulsory training practices on the basis of 30 working days;
Institutional structure of Bursa Karacabey and businesses with a reputable and that;
Sütaş, Nestle, Trakya Birlik, Tat A.Ş., Ülker Golf, Matlı A.Ş., Penguen, Coca-Cola, Renault, Fiat, B-Plas, Mako institutionalized bodies such as government departments, the private sector manufacturing enterprises, Garanti, Akbank, Vakıfbank Halkbank, especially in regional offices and branches of banks, including, finally, again, is an expert in Karacabey, especially next to the financial consultants carried out. 
Vertical Transition Program in Business Administration graduates entering Exam (DGS) 3rd Grade License from the relevant sections of Parts, as well as distance education schools are able to continue. Graduate students working life after graduation summarily dismissed if they do internships in businesses and institutions, particularly in the case of all businesses easily find jobs. KMYO recruitment and employment of qualified people in the business administration program, graduates are especially preferred. 
Business Management Program in the language of instruction is Turkish. the normal teaching program for two years. ÖSYM is based on the type of students in the program YGS-6 points.

Inst. Gazanfer ERBAŞLAR (Head of Department)
Inst. Dr. Neslihan KIZILER (Head of Programme)

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