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World class education, research, and applications that offer services to humanity as a unit of a University has to offer with your own name can guarantee services pioneered to convert it into a social, cultural and economic prosperity; to all stakeholders, including employees, continuous shooting is to be a centre of the College. Both teaching staff and students with internship applications yüksekokulumuz consulting services in accounting and tax treatment of business cooperation and harmonization with the College-industry. 

Scientific research, methods of work and publications with the contemporary world will take place under the guidance of scientists by training education in the light of the Republic of Turkey, Atatürk principles and revolution, information with learning Institutions, innovative State-of-the-art social responsibility consciousness of the analytically qualified, gain the confidence to train highly qualified search elements 

The purpose of the program; accounting and finance industry needs, as powerful, uniform chart of accounts in accounting, finance, computer Office on issues of legislation and financial and accounting package using active elements can be expressed as educating programs. In line with the definition of the program students, accounting ledger functions and importance of basic information in kavrayabilme, kavrayabilme, profession-related legislation to follow, the ability to analyze the financial structure, the ability of accounting records and the ability to use is intended to bring decision making process financial values. In addition, accounting and tax treatment program students; with package programs (ETA, LOGO, MS Office Tools) is able to handle correspondence with the computer used for the commercial survival of delve (journal, ledger, inventory ledger, self-employed book, book, book, etc.) according to the appropriate procedures and legislation principles to treat its habits.
For these reasons; both the theoretical as well as practical as a business students of finance and accounting processes to cultivate in order to fulfill level; in the course of the two-year general ledger accounting education and general culture in the classroom I lessons, II. specialized vocational courses in containing predominantly muhasebelerini studied in it in the classroom. In addition, a computerized accounting package programs applied. Internship period covering 30 to support the school information işgününü. 
In the work of student gains an internship can be summarized as follows:
Yüksekokuldan is the degree to which the information is to observe the real life overlaps. To see a real business environment, everyday problems in place.
Their real business environment, knowledge, skills and abilities, hence the gözlemlemeyi comparing shortcomings.
Business disciplines and business Warsaw find stats.
You can find the business areas and businesses in order to graduate


Academic Staff
Inst. Ercan BAYCAN
Inst. Şebnem ÖZCAN (Head of Department, Head of Programme)

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