Dairy and Fattening Husbandry

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Animals are given practical training, breeding, nutrition and health information on the elements of a high level of training is the best college to become a qualified technician. Information on key issues in the classroom for the first two-year training program provided hardware. In the second class, profession, thanks for the compulsory and elective courses, students receive an education gives importance to the study aims to provide practical training in the sector. 

Farming in our country, shows a rapid development in parallel with developments in other areas, and therefore the location of the traditional and primitive farming larger capacity units, are units of modern animal husbandry. Turkey in recent years a large number of cattle and sheep on farms in the computer system are established, Dairy and Fattening Husbandry Program was prepared taking into account all of these details is a training program. 

General information
Dairy and Fattening Husbandry Program, Karacabey Vocational School, was opened in 2012 under the Department of Crop and Animal Production. Of 1996-2009 "Animal Husbandry and Health", in 2009-2012 the "Big and Little Chief Animal Husbandry" as the name of the program that was given training in 2012, amended by the Council of Higher Education. Language of instruction is Turkish, only formal education program, which has 2-year study period. In the program, with the improvement of animal breeding and animal nutrition feeds and lecturers are experts in the subject 2. Karacabey applications Vocational School courses at school, with a laboratory in the framework of the cooperation between Sütas and Uludag University Education Farm & Feed Factory made. Dairy and Fattening Husbandry Programgraduates successfully conducted by SSPC Vertical Jump Test (DGS) is successful if they can transfer to the Department of Agriculture, Animal Science Faculties.

Academic Staff
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Taşkın DEĞİRMENCİOĞLU (Head of Programme)

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