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Aims to become the best vocational school that trains technicians who have detailed information on the processing, storage and control of the resources used in agriculture through practical training with emphasis on the protection of the ecological balance andhaving all the inputs used in the production of all kinds of vegetable and animal products that arein line with the methods/principals of organic agriculture. First year of the two-year training program provides information on basic issues in the classroom. The second year focuses on giving the students necessary training for the sector of their choice through compulsory and elective courses. 

Organic Farming is an agricultural production type,in which no chemical inputsis used in production and every stage from production to consumption is closely monitored and certified. The aim of organic farming is to protect environment, plant, animal and human health without polluting the air, soil and water resources, The aim of our programis to train "Organic Agriculture Technicians" with a consciousness about environmental protection in the field of organic agriculture and knows how to use modern production techniques that do not harm the environment and human health through theoretical and practical instruction. 

General information
Organic Agriculture Program opened in the year 2010 under the Department of Crop and Animal Production of Karacabey Vocational School. The courses are held in Turkish, with a study period of 2 years both for formal (day time) and evening teaching programs.

In the program, two expert instructors in Horticulture and Biology give lectures. Karacabey Vocational School courses applications are done in SÜTAŞ (TARFAŞ), Karacabey Agricultural Enterprises, Matlı Animal Husbandry and Agromar A.Ş. a company producing vegetable seedlings ready for industry under the brand name Agromar based in Bursa Karacabey. The graduates of Organic Agriculture Program can qualify for Faculties of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science once they pass the DGS ( transition exam to a higher degree) which is prepared by ÖSYM. 

Academic Staff
Inst.Dr. Gözde KARABULUT 
Inst.Dr. Sevin TEOMAN DURAN (Head of Programme) 

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