Feed Technology and Animal Nutrition


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With professional ethics, science, contemporary technological developments, self-believing and trusting the international level with the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of feed technology and animal nutrition and high-quality, high-quality search to train staff. 

Comprehend the importance of feed technology and animal nutrition, world-class information and career earns enough foreign language skills in the field of professional develop enterprises for national and international competition, to be a program that creates strategic human resource. 

General information
Feed Technology and Animal Nutrition Program, Karacabey Vocational School, was opened in 2012 -2013 under the Department of Crop and Animal Production. This department is subject to 120 ECTS credits short cycle (first base) gradation system in Feed Technology and Animal Nutrition Program field in higher education. When the program is completed successfully and program proficiency is gained, Short Cycle Grade in Feed Technology and Animal Nutrition Program. Candidates must have high school diploma and obtained the required score in YGS2 in University Student Selection Exam or candidates can be accepted without an examination from relavant high schools to relevant departments in vocational schools. To get short cycle degree in Feed Technology and Animal Nutrition Program field, students should pass all of the mandatory and optional courses in the program (equivalent to 120 ECTS in total) and general weighted average mark should be at least 2.0 out of 4.0. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Ministry as a technician, private ranches, department of product and marketing in the Feed Factory and farmers´ organizations can work in the field of animal. And also have been givining jop and course to students by Turkiye Feed Union. Exam candidates who have successfully completed undergraduate studies in Vertical Transfer (DGS) and the Faculties of Agriculture, Animal Science Department of the extent of quota can study through the undergraduate programs. In the program, with the feeds and animal nutrition, animal husbandry and breeding of two instructors are experts in the subject. Provided information on key issues in education in the classroom for the first two years, while in the second year, thanks to compulsory and elective courses for the profession, to train the student´s work aims to provide emphasis to practical training in the sector. Courses practices in the Karacabey Vocational School within the framework of the cooperation between SÜTAŞ and Uludag University are Educational Farm and Feed Factory. 

Academic Staff
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Taşkın DEĞİRMENCİOĞLU (Head of Department)
Inst.Dr. Eda Baldan TOKER (Head of Programme)
Inst. Nazif UZUN

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