Laboratory and Veterinary Health

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The purpose of this program is to train experienced technicians about animal health and in providing practical training in laboratory services. Biosecurity practices with emphasis on meat, dairy, poultry and pet animal are equipped students with the theoretical and practical knowledge about horse riding as well. 

Our aim to give work experience to graduated students will be able to work at animal disease diagnostic laboratories whose numbers are increasing day by day with a variety of modern livestock enterprises, and pet clinics, horse study farm and feed factory with the knowledge that their production and quality control laboratories. and animal health fields as a Veterinary health technician. 

General information
Laboratory and Veterinary Health program was opened in KMYO in 2011-2012 education year. Candidates must have a higher school diploma or an equivalent school diploma and have enough points in YGS 2 (Entrance to Higher Education Exam) ; or they can pass without exam, In order to get pre-Bsc degree at Laboratory and Veterinary Health program consists of two years of pre-Bsc and 120 hours of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). When the program is successfully completed and the program requirements are met, students can obtain a pre-Bsc degree . Laboratory and Veterinary Health Program, the total of compulsory and elective hours of the lessons must be the equivalent of 120 ECTS and fully succeeded . The cumulative grade point average must be at least 2.0 out 4.00. Graduated students transfer from vocational schools to their related branches at universities (Veterinary Faculty).
These graduated students will also be able to work under the title of “Laborant and Assistant Veterinary Technician” in Laboratories and Livestock industry .Graduate students can be employed as “ Laborant and Assistant Veterinary” ; in Livestock Farms , Animal Hospitals, Veterinary Special Clinics , General Directorate of Agriculture Enterprise, Agriculture Ministry of Province and County, Feed Factories, Veterinary Laboratories , Zoo, Veterinary Drug Company, Veterinary Health and Care Product Company . 

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Selda ÖZBİLGİN (Head of Department)

Inst. Dr. Oya GİRİŞGİN (Head of Programme)


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