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Our goal is to educate students as a highly skilled medium level staff who are specialized in specific areas need by the national industries. Our city is located in south of Marmara region, where the agricultural and livestock production is significantly higher compared to other parts of Turkey. Dairy cattle production is one of the major income for the farmer in this region. And the biggest milk processing companies such as SUTAŞ and NESTLE have milk processing plants in our city. Only SUTAŞ can processes 900 million liters of milk per year in its four production facilities located in Turkey. We do have education and internship protocols with all these major milk processing companies.

Since there is a high demand in the area, it has been decided to establish a vocational school in Karacabey as a unit of Bursa Uludag University with the purpose of educating highly skilled medium level technical staff who is needed for our region and country in the areas of agriculture and livestock production.

Our school have been established in 1992 and started education in 1995-1996. UUKVS is a vocational school which is specialized in pre-bachelor (technical staff) degree at the end of two years or four terms of education. Under the frame of Bursa Uludag University educational principles and industrial needs in the area we do have very close relationship SUTAŞ dairy processing company.  Our students can do their practical courses at their farm called TARFAS dairy farm and this Dairy farm has IQnet of EU certification.  In addition to this educational protocol SUTAŞ also supports successful students with scholarships.

As of 2021, students choosing UUKVS have higher grades and our Veterinary Technician and Food Processing programs holds number 1 status in the nation.

The UUKVS building has been merged with Sadık YILMAZ student dormitory which was built by SUTAS on 2007 with 196 student capacity. By Bursa Uludag University’ s Senate a honorary doctor title has been given to Mr. Sadık YILMAZ due to his valuable efforts supporting to education on May 24, 2007.

Our school also have educational protocols with Inoksan (Commercial Kitchen Cookware equipment company), Papirus Patisserie Company and Matlı Feed Production Company.

Our students are able to do their practical training and internships at different farms, feed production and dairy processing companies just to get high skills needed by commercial companies.

In our school, there are 9 sub-programs under 6 main departments with 21 academic, 13 administrative and 11 service staff, as a total of 45 full-time staff. There is dual education system in our school as day time session (09:00 AM to 17:00 PM) and evening session (17:00 PM to 22:00 PM). There is also 1 professor, 2 associate professor, 7 assistant professor, 11 teaching staff and 13 administrative staff with 2 food technology and animal husbandry laboratories, 2 information technology laboratories, library and a conference hall in UUKVS. A total of 1161 students as of 2020-2021 educational period. In addition to vocational education activities, number of social, sportive and cultural activities are also being organized in our school.

The main departments and their sub-programs of UUKVS are as follows: 

Department of Computer Technologies
        Computer Programming

Department of Crop and Animal Production
        Dairy and Fattening Husbandry
        Organic Agriculture
        Food Technology and Animal Nutrition

Department of Food Processing
        Food Technology
        Dairy Products And Technology

Department of Accounting and Tax
        Accounting and Tax Applications 

Department of Veterinary
        Laboratory and Veterinary Health 

Dep. of Business Management and Organization
        Business Management Program

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