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With professional ethics, science, contemporary technological developments, self-believing and trusting the international level with the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of information technology and high-quality, high-quality search to train staff.

Comprehend the importance of developing the program, raising the level of computer programming, world-class information and career earns enough foreign language skills in the field of professional develop enterprises for national and international competition, to be a program that creates strategic human resource.

General information
Computer Programming, 2002-2003 academic year, according to the Law No. 4702 of vocational and technical secondary education within the framework of implementation of vocational schools to pass without examination associated with Karacabey Technical and Industrial Vocational High School was opened.
Connected to the Department of Computer Technology was founded in 2011.
Computer Programming secondary education continues to be at the moment. Teaching during the day was established in 2012, but has not yet taken the student. Education program during the day, students in the academic year 2013-2014 the official procedures to be initiated.
The program's curriculum, forms the theoretical and practical courses and summer internships. Students of their own classrooms theoretical courses, practical courses in the vocational college computer labs perform. Graduate students who graduate from the program as a Computer Programmer forms.
Graduates in almost every field of medium and small-sized enterprises operating in the Computer Programmer, System Support Staff, Computer Instructor, Software Developer, Application Programmer, Network Specialist, Analyst Programmer, Technical Consultant, Web Designer, Internet Programmer, Software Coordinator, Project Manager for can make.
Some of the graduates prefer to set up their own companies.
Associate Degree graduates successful completion of training, the DGS'den OSYM (Vertical Jump Test) on condition that they have sufficient points, universities, "Information Systems Engineering", "Computer Engineering", "Software Engineering", "Computer Systems Education" and " Information Technologies "sections of the transition to the vertical, such as a 4-year degree programs. 

Academic Staff
Inst. Şükrü Kaya
Inst. Uğur Erkin KOCAMAZ

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