Computer Programming

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To train high-quality, qualified intermediate staff in the field of information technologies, who have professional ethics, are open to contemporary technological developments in science, believe in and trust themselves, equipped with international theoretical and applied knowledge.

To be a program that comprehends the importance of program development, raises the level of computer programming, provides world-class knowledge and career, develops sufficient foreign language skills in the professional field, and creates strategic human resources for the national and international competition of our enterprises.

General Information
The Computer Programming Program was opened in the 2002-2003 academic year, in association with Karacabey Technical High School and Industrial Vocational High School, within the framework of the application of transition from vocational and technical secondary education institutions to vocational schools without examination, depending on the Law No. 4702.

Students are placed in the Computer Programming Program by ÖSYM according to the YGS-1 score type.

The program is affiliated to the Computer Technologies Department, which was established in 2011.

Computer Programming Program is currently continuing as formal education. 

The curriculum of the program consists of theoretical and applied courses and summer internships. Our students take the theoretical lessons in the classrooms and the applied lessons in the Computer Laboratory I and Computer Laboratory II in our college. 

Students who successfully complete the program graduate as "Computer Programmers".

Our graduates can work as Computer Programmer, System Support Person, Computer Trainer, Software Specialist, Application Programmer, Analyst Programmer, Database Manager, Web Designer, Internet Programmer, Software Coordinator, Project Manager in medium and small-sized organizations operating in almost every field. Some of our graduates prefer to establish their own companies.

Graduates who have successfully completed their associate degree education, on the condition that they have sufficient points in the DGS administered by ÖSYM, can be accepted into the universities of 4-years degree departments, such as: "Computer Engineering", "Software Engineering", "Information Systems Engineering", "Computer Systems Teaching" and "Information Systems Education".

Academic Staff
Inst. Ahmet DARTAR
Assist. Prof. Dr. Uğur Erkin KOCAMAZ
Inst. Koray ÇOŞKUN


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