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As many other countries in the World, the purpose of vocational school establishment in our country is to educate medium level qualified staff who is specialized in the needed areas by the national industries. Karacabey is one of the most significant centres of our country in agriculture and animal husbandry. Significant amount of milk in our country has been producing and processing in this region. As SUTAS Dairy Company at first, most of the dairy and food plants have been established and continued to production in this region. For this reason, it has been decided to establish a vocational school in Karacabey Town as a unit of Uludag University with the purpose of educating medium level technical staff who is needed for our region and country in the areas of agriculture and animal husbandry. The target of UUKVS is to be a best vocational school which has given education in international standards in the fields of dairy husbandry and dairy technologies in Turkey. 

UUKVS has been established in 1992 and started to education in 1995-1996. UUKVS is a vocational school which has given a pre-bachelor (technician or foreman, between worker and engineer) degree at the end of two years or four terms education. Under the frame of university and industry collaboration, in order to increase quality in vocational school education, it has signed a collaboration protocol in education between SUTAS Dairy Company and UUKVS on 11th of June, 1996 when the education in UUKVS has just been started due to importance of practical training and apprenticeship. Under the frame of this protocol agreement, Training Farm for Applied Animal Husbandry of UUKVS has been established and started to education in the site just nearby SUTAS Dairy Plant in Karacabey Town. By means of this protocol on collaboration in education, students from our school have been educated and trained in SUTAS plants practically. In addition, two kinds of unreturned scholarships from SUTAS have been given to successful students to support vocational education and foreign language learning. 

When UUKVS building has been merged with Sadik YILMAZ student dormitory which was built by SUTAS on 2007 with 196 student capacity in the same area, a new campus called Sadik YILMAZ Campus in Karacabey Town has been established. The honorary doctor title has given to deceased Mr. Sadik YILMAZ due to his valuable efforts supporting to education on 24th of May, 2007 by Uludag University’ s Senate. Efforts and works to raise the quality of education between SUTAS and UUKVS have started since 1996, continued to develop succesfully till today and has became a very good sample on behalf of collaboration in education. As a result of this succesful collaboration in education between university and industry, another protocol agreement among UUKVS, SUTAS and KOLD COLLEGE which is a distinguished vocational institution of Denmark on dairy technology, has signed on 2012 and thus, the present collaboration in education has moved into the international level. 

Karacabey is one of the most significant regions of Turkey in terms of agriculture and animal husbandry. In addition, most of the food plants of our country have located intensively in this region. Therefore, our students are able to do their practical trainings easily in the various regional plants focused on agriculture, animal husbandry and food industries which can be governmental or private enterprises. 

In our school, there are 9 sub-programmes under 6 main departments with 18 academic, 12 administrative and 21 service staff, as totaly 41 full-time staff. There is dual education system in our school as day time session (09:00 AM to 17:00 PM) and evening session (17:00 PM to 22:00 PM). There are also 2 professors, 1 associated professor, 1 assistant professor, 10 teaching staff and 13 administrative staff with 2 food technology and animal husbandry laboratories, 2 information technology laboratories, library and a conference hall in UUKVS. There are 1116 students during 2012-2013 education terms. In addition to vocational education activities, number of social, sportive and cultural activities have also organized in our school. 

The main departments and their sub-programs of UUKVS are as follows: 

Department of Computer Technologies
        Computer Programming

Department of Crop and Animal Production
        Dairy and Fattening Husbandry
        Organic Agriculture
        Food Technology and Animal Nutrition

Department of Food Processing
        Food Technology
        Dairy Products And Technology

Department of Accounting and Tax
        Accounting and Tax Applications 

Department of Veterinary
        Laboratory and Veterinary Health 

Dep. of Business Management and Organisation
        Business Management Program

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