The Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases deals with the feed stuffs used in the nutrition of animals and their evaluation by animals, the nutrition programs of farm and pet animals and nutrition-related diseases observed in animals.

First of all, students are given detailed information about the metabolism of nutrients according to animal species and the feed materials used in animal nutrition. In parallel with the theoretical courses, laboratory analyzes of nutrients and applications related to the introduction of feed stuffs are made. Applications of feed materials are carried out under farm conditions. In this way, students are provided with information about the nutritional metabolism of ruminant and single-stomached animals, the properties of feed stuffs and their use according to animal species. In the following periods, type-specific animal nutrition courses provide information about feeding methods according to animal species. In the last year, the feeding of farm animals is made to the students practically.

The department is divided into groups as ruminant, poultry, pet animals and horse. Ruminant study group; in situ, in vivo and in vitro digestibility properties of feed stuffs, feed additives, dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep feeding and silage, poultry study group; under the main topics of laying hen, broiler and quail feeding, alternative feed and feed additives, mineral balance of body fluids in poultry, effects of feeding on small intestine morphology. In the pet animals study group; information is given about the foods and food additives used in pet nutrition, mainly cats and dogs. Diets are arranged for the animal in the pet group and information about commercial foods is given, while the horse study group; deals with the nutrition of sport horses, foals and breeding horses. In addition to these, all groups try to create a solution with a scientific approach for problems in the field. Currently, around 40 PhD students has been studying in the Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases.

In the laboratory of the department, in addition to the analyses of the feed stuffs used in the researches the analyzes of feed stuffs and commercial feeds produced in different regions of Turkey are carried out. Furthermore, the rations of existing farm animals in the Research and Application Center of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Uludağ University are prepared and nutrition diseases are created a solution




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