'Deontology' originated from 'deon', deontos, which means 'necessity, necessity' in Greek, and was defined as the theory or science of duty or moral obligations. Deontology in veterinary medicine is the set of rules that the veterinarian must comply with and apply during his professional practices.

Deontology has been included in the curriculum of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine since the 1880s under the name of 'science-i morality' course, and under the title of 'Veterinary History and Deontology' course, it has started to be given in Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine since 1944; In 1950, the 'Chair of Veterinary History and Deontology' was established. In Uludağ University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, which was established as the fourth veterinary faculty of Turkey, the History of Veterinary Medicine and Deontology course was accepted as a compulsory course in 1995 and in May 2004, the 'Department of History of Veterinary Medicine and Deontology' was established under the Department of Basic Sciences of Veterinary Medicine.

Given by the Department at the undergraduate level; In the Introduction to Veterinary Medicine and History course, to ensure the adaptation of students to the university, faculty and veterinary profession, to create professional awareness by providing information about the historical development of veterinary medicine in the world and in Turkey; In the Animal Welfare course, the necessary information about animal welfare is given and students are informed about the duties and responsibilities of veterinarians for the welfare and well-being of animals; In the Veterinary Medicine Legislation course, it is aimed to inform the students about the legal duties, powers and responsibilities of veterinarians and to orient them to the veterinary legislation, and in the Professional Ethics and Deontology course, it is aimed to inform the students about deontology and ethics and to contribute to the professional decision-making processes. At the master's level; Courses titled Animal Rights and Animal Welfare from an Ecological Perspective and Human Animal Interaction and Animal Supported Therapies are given by the Department.

In the Veterinary Medicine Community Relations and Human Animal Interaction and Animal Assisted Therapies courses given as electives by the Department, the responsibilities of the students in their relations with the patient, the patient owner, their colleagues and the society are evaluated with case studies.


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