The vision of U.U. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; To be a faculty that educates qualified graduates who can foresee and solve all problems in the fields of Veterinary Medicine, researches, produces knowledge, is shown as an example at national and international level and is honored to be a member.



U.U. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; To provide qualified education that educates patriotic veterinarians who are equipped with modern knowledge, who have developed the ability to research and solve problems, who have cultural accumulation and communication skills, who have assimilated the principles and revolutions of Atatürk,

It has undertaken to carry out the obligation of research and service to society at universal standards, to reach interest, to produce, apply and disseminate information for animal existence, health, rights and productivity, which are indispensable elements of humanity and nature, quality and safety of animal products, development of the relationship between human and animal health and environmental safety.


Basic Principles

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