Career Planning and Graduate Relations

Career Planning


Painting Department

Students who graduate from the Department of Painting can work as freelance artists, as well as in various design and production areas required by industrial production, in museums and galleries in many different positions. In addition, they can be employed as academicians in art and design related units of universities by turning to postgraduate education.


Performing Arts Department

State Theaters Acting, writing, directing, dramaturgy

City Theaters Acting, writing, directing, dramaturgy

Private Theaters Acting, writing, directing, dramaturgy

Municipalities Acting, writing, directing, dramaturgy, culture, art works

Cinema, series - TV channels (Acting, writing, directing, editing

Advertising-media sector Acting, writing

Voice-over and dubbing

Graduate studies and academic career at universities

Schools Theater courses and drama instructor

Publishing Houses Writing, editing, proofreading


Graphic Design Department

Students graduating from graphic design department

In the international promotion sector

In the publishing sector

Digital production companies

Design departments of TV institutions in film production companies

Game design companies, animation film workshops They can find the opportunity to work as graphic designer, art director or assistant art director, illustration designer, character designer, web designer in many areas related to visual communication in companies where all kinds of interactive electronic media related to multimedia are prepared. By the relationship with Bursa Uludağ University Graphic Design Department will establish with the sector, students living in Bursa will be able to face real design problems. The existing design potential in Bursa will be transformed into institution-supported designs that can be transferred to reality with the start of the Bursa Uludağ University Graphic Design Department.



Industrial Products and Design Department

Industrial product designers can use different production scales and approaches such as studio production, DIY and open design, as well as working on a mass production scale in the realization of the products and systems they design. Students who graduate from this department can find the opportunity to work in many different fields that produce at these scales.





Exhibition and display

White goods and electronics

Jewelry and jewelry

Means of communication and transportation

Sanitary ware and ceramic products

Glass product

Medical product

Toy industries are some of the sectors where there are job opportunities for industrial product designers. At the same time, as freelance designers, they can also work as external consultants to such industries.


Department of Textile and Fashion Design

Fashion designer Stylist

Mold expert Modelist

Production planning specialist

Quality control responsible

Personalized model design and production Houte Couture Designer

Styling consultancy

Fashion magazine editor

Fashion photography

Fashion marketing specialist

Visual display/presentation manager

They can work as costume designers in the performing arts and television industry.

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