Erasmus Coordinator

Professor Sezin TÜRK KAYA


With the Erasmus student exchange program, students can be students at a higher education institution with an EUD in another European country for 1 or 2 semesters within 1 academic year, while academic staff can go abroad to give lectures for 1 week under the same conditions. The European Commission also supports the exchange financially by providing grants in order to contribute to the additional costs of the exchange beneficiaries while they are abroad. As a candidate country to the Union, Turkey can only exchange students and teaching staff with member countries. The exchange of students and teaching staff with partner universities is organized within the higher education institution and carried out by the Erasmus Coordinatorships (International Relations Offices / EU Offices / External Relations Offices) of the institutions. In order for institutions to organize this exchange, the European Commission also provides financial support to Erasmus offices to cover the costs of stationery, equipment, etc.

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