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The activities of the Office of Sustainability of Bursa Uludag University (BUU) are as follows:

1. Planning sustainability activities at the campus,

2. Monitoring the work and projects of sustainability commissions, analyze, visualize, mapping, and publishing the campus sustainability data,

4. Management of the sustainability web page of Bursa Uludag University,

5. Awareness raising on sustainable development by working together with the sustainable development student club and other student clubs,

6.Improving partnerships of the university towards sustainable development

9. Preparation of the sustainability action plan and annual sustainability reports of the university with the contribution of participatory mechanisms.


Prof. Dr. Arzu ÇAHANTİMUR   BUU Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Ekrem ÜSTÜN BUU Faculty of Engineering, Environmental Engineering Department

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Sevginaz IŞIK, BUU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics

Ömer Oğuzhan TURHAN BUU Strategy Development Department, Deputy Director of Strategic Planning

İrem Sevgi YORGANCI  BUÜ Sustainable Campus Coordinatorship, Environmental Engineer

Bursa Uludag University set the vision and goals for sustainable development, as shown in the figure below. The official strategy is shaped according to the sustainability vision. 

Story of the Logo of BUU Sustainable Campus Project

Sustainable Campus Project is originated from the vision of Bursa Uludağ University (BUU). The BUU Sustainable Campus logo is inspired by the logo of Bursa Uludağ University and carries its components. The hexagonal shapes within the BUU logo appear as pentagons in BUU Sustainable Campus logo. Pentagons not only represent the components of our university but the 17 sustainable development goals as well. These pentagons that are held within the BUU sustainable campus lettering are so to close a circle. This circularity reflects the main aim of the sustainable campus project.

The green color of one of the pentagons mainly draws attention. This green color references the unique nature of our university and underlines the fact that environmental development forms the basis of all development models. The arrows over the green pentagon remind the natural assets of our university and evoke circularity. The middle arrow that shows a move ahead is an extension of the continuous improvement understanding of our university.

Circularity is about returning the givings of the planet after circularly using them without wasting. The common saying in our language, “giving the one comes from soil to the soil,” summarizes this circularity. Circularity verbalizes an understanding that natural resources are decently and adequately used, not wasted, in an ecosystem model.  In that understanding, waste is regarded as raw material, and a heavy burden is not imposed on planet Earth that it can not carry, and all the living things and components of life are connected as if with a chain.

The main aim of the sustainable campus project is to take the necessary steps towards being a university that can sustain itself, achieve the environmental, social, and economic development goals at the same time, and lead society while moving towards this aim.    

Introduction Presentations and Reports

Sustainable Campus Project Activity Report (2021-2023)







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E-mail: sustainability@uludag.edu.tr






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