Physical Structure

Asım Kocabıyık Foundation of Education and Culture (AKFEC) has undertaken to construct the buildings within Sunğipek Campus of the Faculty of Law. The protocol between AKFEC and Bursa Uludağ University was executed on 2 May 2007 at Sunğipek Campus.

The Faculty of Law has two buildings one reserved for the Dean’s Office and the other for the educational activities. Its total area of confined space is 1000 m2 (Since the number of students admitted has been increased over 200 and due to the insufficiency of the current classrooms and amphitheaters, the building of the “Maritime College” has been temporarily assigned to the Faculty of Law)

The Dean’s office is the historical executive building of Sunğipek Factory. It has been restored in a fashion faithful to its original. The Dean’s Office has two stories.

BLOCK A: Educational Building

The educational building is ferroconcrete and has three stories. Its total area of confined space is 4000 m2. This building has classrooms, seminar halls, the library, the offices of the faculty members, a courtroom and the cafeteria.

Our faculty has a “Courtroom” for educational purposes. It is usually used for Civil Procedure Law classes.

BLOCK B (Maritime College)

It is an educational building. Two classrooms, there research assistant offices, three offices for student representatives and student societies, and three offices for faculty members are temporarily being used by the Faculty of Law (500 m2)

Distribution of the Confined Spaces With Respect to Intended Purposes


Service Area(m2)

Total Area of Confined Space
Administrative Office


2018 922 50 4,300 5,272


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