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       Our vocational college in order to ensure qualified people power to meet the country's needs in an order based on modern educational principles , 1992-1993 in Education , depending on the Bursa Vocational School , " Management Program" and " Industrial Plants Cultivation and Evaluation Program" , including our district has started two programs with academic buildings allocated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry .


       1997-1998 academic year our school has been built on 1200 square üzewr has moved to new premises in the city center consists of 4 floors. Our school building is over 15463.70 square meters of land , including agricultural applications. And 24-hour protection and is protected by security forces .


       Our Vocational School , there are 12 programs related to section 7 and section.

  • Depending on the organization and management department of Business Management ( formal and Secondary Education )

  • Depending on the Accounting and Tax Accounting and Taxation Department (Formal Education and Secondary Education )

  • Marketing depends on the Marketing and Advertising Department ( Education) ,

  • Seed Program depends on the Department of Crop and Animal Production and Organic Agriculture Programme ( Education) ,

  • Food Processing Department of Food Technology Program due to ( formal and Secondary Education )

  • Milk and Dairy Products Technology Program ( Education) ,

  • Electric Utility depends on the Electricity and Energy Department (Secondary Education )

  • Depending on the machine and metal department Machine Program (Secondary Education 

programs. In our school, 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 13 lecturers , including a total of 19 academic staff and 11 administrative staff serving us .


        In our school, as of 2015-2016 academic year 498 girls, a total of 1139 students, including 638 boys continue education.


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