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Uludağ University's Turkish teaching course for international students is structured in five levels, A1-A2 (Beginner Level), B1-B2 (Intermediate Level) and C1 (Advanced Level), taking into consideration language levels in the framework of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages .

A student who has successfully completed five level grades has achieved reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.
Lessons are taught more effectively in the context of visual, auditory and written materials so that learners can easily learn Turkish and develop their homework and projects.

A "leveling examination" is given before starting the courses. The exam result is four months.

Despite the result of a exam, the teaching staff may change the student's approval of the student's appointment if necessary.
Courses have an attendance requirement of 80%. Continued missing course is not taken to the end of examination and is deemed unsuccessful from the course.


A-1 Level : The student can communicate in daily life with simple sentences, he or she can introduce himself or herself.

A-2 Level : The student can communicate by using simple sentences and terms related to the environment and subjects close to him / her.

B-1 Level : Can read and understand certain level of Turkish texts. He can build simple and interconnected sentences, he can tell the events he has lived.

B-2 Level : understand the main idea of difficult texts, know the terms related to the field, and use these terms to express ideas in a subject. A current question can be answered positively and negatively.

C-1 Level : understand and summarize long and complex texts. It can express itself fluently and quickly without difficulty. He can use it effectively in social and professional life. It can explain complex issues in an open, planned and detailed way.

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