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Soil Science Department began training and research activities with two faculty members within the Agricultural Faculty of Uludag University in 1984 and gave some lectures relevant to agricultural engineering to other departments within the Faculty between 1984 -1993. In 1985 it started graduate and doctoral education. In the academic year 1993-1994, the department received first cycle students for the first time.

On 02.06.2010, the name of the department has been changed as department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition with the decision of the Board of Higher Education and has still four professors, three associate professors, three assistant professors and a secretary on duty.

Since it was founded, at the Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, numerous research projects which have been supported by national and international institutions, organizations and non-governmental organizations (TUBITAK, DPT, Uludag University Scientific Research Project commission, Ministry of Environment, Natural Life Protection Association, the Provincial Directorate of Rural Services, University of Bonn, the British Council, the Industrial Organizations (Sütaş, Penguin, etc.)., the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality), have been carried out and completed in order to solve some agricultural problems of the region and the country. Currently 2 research projects which are supported by Uludag University Scientific Research Project Commission are carried out. In addition, department faculty members take part in meetings and several panels, in order to solve the agricultural problems of the region and to inform and share the produced information with the interested parties.

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