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Bursa Uludağ University Graduate School of Health Sciences

Graduate School of Health Sciences was founded under Uludağ University Rectorate in 1982. As for the institute foundation, under the law on organization of higher education institutions, in accordance with the law no.41, enactment was changed and accepted considering Article 20.

“Post-graduate Education Regulations”, which was prepared by interuniversity board and implemented by the higher education organizations, was published on 01.07.1996 featured in the official gazette numbered 22683. In this context, principals were effectuated on 01.02.2008, featured in the official gazette numbered 26774 for “Uludağ University Post-graduate Education Regulations” and regarding Post-graduate Education.

In the framework of the legislation provisions, Uludag University Graduate School of Health Sciences have the following responsibilities:

a- Providing education in the post-graduate level, including Master of Science and PhD degrees, conducting scientific research, dissemination the outcomes and offering consultancy services,

b- Organising academic activities effectively to increase the quality of post-graduate education, such as matriculation of university students, preparation of the teaching plan and programs, conducting examinations and assessments, supervising the theses,

c- Training specialized manpower in the areas that our country needs in accordance with the plan and programs organised by Uludağ University,

d- Publishing, improving and disseminating research on the subjects that could contribute to the number of scientific research and technological advancement,

e- Improving the collaboration among the agencies and institutes in the society and in line with the needs of the society providing education and conducting research to present the outcomes for the benefit of the society.

After Uludağ University Graduate School of Health Sciences became official, Prof. Dr. Şermin Paker KALAYCI, Prof. Dr. Feridun GÖKIRMAK, Prof.Dr. Ahmet ÇİMEN, Prof. Dr. İsmail H. ULUS, Prof. Dr. Recep TINAR, Prof. Dr. Kasım ÖZLÜK, Prof. Dr. Gürsel SÖNMEZ, Prof. Dr. Metin PETEK, Prof. Dr. Ülgen GÜNAY, and Prof. Dr. Ali AYDOĞDU worked as  a head of the School. Recently, Prof. Dr. Gülşah ÇEÇENER has been working as a director. In our school, there are 35 post-graduate education programs in total under Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary medicine, Faculty of Sport Sciences, and Faculty of Health Sciences. Since 1982 (as for 23.09.2020), 270 master theses, 407 doctoral dissertation have been completed. In these departments, recently, 156 master students and 275 doctorate students, making 431 in all, have been studying. 

Our School aims to educate and train students in a way that they will be able to use the theoretical and practical knowledge in the academic life and other fields of application that they gained during their education.  To coordinate the master and doctorate programs in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary and School of Health Sciences, to register students to these programs considering the regulations and decisions, providing education and other relevant tasks regarding students’ education are among the main missions of our School. 

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