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Gas and Installation Technology Programme Description

Brief History

Uludag University Orhangazi Vocational School, Department of Electricity and Energy, Gas and Installation Technology Programme, started in educational activities in 2006 and has trained many Gas and Installation Technician who meet the demand of technical intermediate staff in the gas and installation sector since then.

Profile of The Programme

Purpose of the Gas and Installation Technology Program is to meet the demand of technician for rapidly developing natural gas sector. Gas and Installation Technology Program aims to train intermediate technical personnel who knows natural gas, heating and sanitary systems and working principles of gas appliances. So, they are able to work for choosing, establishing and operating, troubleshooting and protective maintenance for natural gas appliances and gas distribution systems. They are able to draw through computer and to make the various installation projects suitable to related standards, make the business plan and to make apply to working team. They have theoretical knowledge together with practical experience, ability to follow modern and advanced technologies, and are able to link between engineer and workers.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples

Graduates of Gas and Installation Technology Program are employed in natural gas sector, the goods / service-producing companies, industrial companies that produce heating and flue systems, natural gas distribution companies and heating centers. In addition, graduates may be employed in many different positions according to the needs for technical staff of the energy sector because of its wide-ranging program properties.

Graduation Requirements

May apply to bachelor´s programs in related fields of study provided that the student obtains sufficient score in the Vertical Transfer Examination(DGS) administered by the Student Selection Centre or may apply to bachelor´s degree completion program in related fields of study in Distance Education System.

Mode of Study

Before the start of each semester, students must register for their courses and in order to admit to the final examinations they must be continued for at least 70% of courses and 80% of practical applications. Students are subjected to at least one midterm and final exam. The course instructor assigns a grade of between 0 and 100 for each course taken by a student and this grade is known as the raw score. Passing grade will be calculated by adding 50% of the midterm exam (written exam, project, homework, laboratory exams, quizzes, etc. ) to 50% of the final exam and final grade must be at least 30 points. Total raw cumulative point must be 40 out of 100. A student who has received any of the AA, BA, BB, CB, CC letter grade is considered as successful in that course. DD and DC are probation passing grades. Students must have a GPA of over 2 to be successful from any course received DD or DC letter grade. Letter grades and their associated coefficients are as follows; Grade    Factor AA            4 BA       3,5 BB    3 CB       2,5 CC 2 DC                1,5 DD   1 FD       0,5 FF    0


Students which have a minimum cumulative academic degree 2.0 of 4.0 can be graduated if they success the 120 ECTS credit of learning program in total and complete their practical training (internship.)

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

In our programme, academic stuff with M.Sc and Ph.D degrees work as instructor in our learning programme. Gas appliances and installation workshop is used applied courses and computer class is used project and design courses. Students in the workshop "gas appliances", "operating principles" are applications that will help to comprehend. Some applications that will help the students comprehend the working principles of gas appliances and basic installation operations related to gas, heating and sanitary systems being studied in the workshop. There is a the computer class for used gas network and other computerized applications in domestic gas installation projects, drawings and calculations.

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