Office of Student Affairs

The student affairs office serves students in their academic and administrative needs, ranging from  issuing official transcripts to providing referrals when a student is in need of medical help. The office also helps students resolve various academic and administrative problems they may encounter during their education in the Faculty. 

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center of the Uludağ University is located within the Fethiye Campus. The Center is multifunctional, serving the needs of the students of the University and of the public. The Cultural Center, which is built as an amphitheater,  has a capacity of 1100 seats and is used to hold conferences, symposiums, panels, graduation ceremonies, concerts, etc.


The University system encompasses several libraries. Besides the main University Library, the Faculty of Theology has its own library, which specializes in Islamic and Religious Studies, in the Fethiye campus.  The library’s Web server offers information about the library’s collection and services. In addition to  providing access to the library catalog, the library’s Web site offers links to many other library catalogs and to reference sources, electronic books and journals. The library of the Faculty of Theology puts a great effort in acquiring a larger collection of books and periodicals in the field depending on the funding provided by the University.The University libraries are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except the official holidays.

Information Technology

The office of the Information Technology provides computing and network facilities to students and faculty members of the Faculty of Theology for their educational and research activities.  The computer lab, which is available for use by any student of the Theology,  is connected to the internet via the University network. Besides the computer lab,  there is another lab equipped with desktop computers, printers, scanners etc. that is used as a classroom for intensive instructional and research purposes.


The Mosques in the Fethiye Campus serves the needs of the public and of students and members of the Faculty of Theology. It is also the facility where the students have the opportunity to put their theoretical skills into practice. The mosque is built in the classic Ottoman style with a singe central dome supported by four  tromps.  The interior  of the mosque is  expanded with three small domes in the north to  make the mosque more spacious. Above the basement, which is used as a conference center, is the sahn of the mosque.  With its dome, minarets, and rivaqs the mosque can be said to be a pure and simple, and yet a fine example of the classic Ottoman mosque architecture. 

Canteen and Cafeteria 

The canteen and cafeteria unit functions both as a faculty bookstore and as a convenient store for students and faculty in the main building of the Faculty.  Adjacent to this unit is the dining hall.  Other off-campus convenient stores, bookstores, cafés, and restaurants are also available for students. 

Financial Aid

The Foundation of the Faculty of Theology provides various grants and scholarships to its students and to its faculty members in their research projects. 

Campus Life

The main gathering places for students, apart from classrooms, are the beautifully designed and maintained courtyard and the cafeteria. Other places that students tend to spend their time includes the computer lab and the sports center. 

During their education at Uludağ University students;

Career Opportunities

Graduates of  the Faculty of Theology  with a  certificate from the Divinity programme are employed by the Ministry of Education as teachers of religion in High Schools, and as vocational teachers in Imam-Hatip High Schools (Imam and Preacher’s School), provided that the graduates successfully complete a three-semester Master’s programme without a thesis. Those who graduate from the faculty of Theology with a certificate from the Religious Education Programme can find jobs in the primary and secondary schools of the Ministry of Education as  RE teachers. The  graduates of the Faculty of Theology can also find job opportunities in the Department of Religious Affairs as Imams, Muftis, Preachers, teachers of the Qur’an, etc.

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