Vision & Mission

Bursa Uludag University Faculty of Architecture Vision:

"The vision of Uludağ University Faculty of Architecture is to be a leading institution that can create interdisciplinary synergy in the fields of science, art, and technology, create sustainable, advanced education and research opportunities, lead the society, train professionals and experts who can think analytically, adhere to professional and ethical values, and are honored and preferred at national and international level.". 


Bursa Uludag University Faculty of Architecture Mission:

"By constantly updating its education programs in line with the developing technology and changing needs, it has adopted the mission of being an institution that raises entrepreneurial and collaborative professionals who are respectful to themselves and society, sensitive to the environment, approved with ethical and aesthetic values, capable of producing sustainable solutions with a global perspective without ignoring local values; increasing its recognition and reliability at national and international level; researching, producing, applying and disseminating information.".

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