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General Information and Brief History

Bursa Uludağ University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Archaeology was established in 2005. The department, which received its first graduate students in 2005, started to accept undergraduate students in 2008.

The main purpose of the Department of Archaeology is to educate qualified personnel, researchers and scientists to our country, which is home to the rich historical and cultural assets of the world, and to carry the science of archaeology to the forefront of the country and the world through projects carried out jointly with scientists from various countries.

In our department, intensive theoretical education is given for a total of 10 semesters, two of which are compulsory German preparatory classes, and there is also a compulsory internship to be performed in excavations or museums. Our department, which is among the top 10 Archaeology Departments in Turkey according to university entrance rankings, is also open to Master's and Doctorate programs, and postgraduate education is offered to our students who have completed their undergraduate education.

The mission of the Department of Archaeology is to train expert researchers in the field, as well as to pioneer the research of the largely unexplored section of Bursa and its surroundings from the prehistory to the Ottoman Period, to introduce them to the world of science and culture through publications, and to carry out the necessary research and publications through the research center established in the mosaic branch, which is insufficiently researched, despite of the importance attached to it in our country.

The vision of the Department of Archaeology is to carry the archaeology of our country to the forefront with projects carried out jointly with scientists from various countries in different regions.

Academic Staff

The Department of Archaeology has an academic staff consisting of three professors, two associate professors, a lecturer and five research assistants. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahin has held the office as the head of the department since 2005.

Advantages of the Archaeology Department, the presence of the Mosaic Research Center and the Archaeology Research Center within our department allow the department to actively conduct scientific research and publish publications. The curriculum and its contents are created by taking into account that students have qualifications such as will be able to examine cultural heritage in terms of iconography, style and chronology, have the awareness of protecting cultural heritage, gain the ability to document archaeological data, use the camera correctly and in place in the editing of visual documents, take part in interdisciplinary studies and produce projects, take responsibility in archaeological projects , to be able to work in an interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary team, to make architectural and ceramic drawings technically, to understand and evaluate architectural drawings, and using ArcGIS, photoshop, autoCAD, freehand, netCAD etc. programs.

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