He was born in 1354. He was the eldest son of Sultan Murad I and his mother was Gülçiçek Hatun. At approximately 1381, he married Devlet Hatun, daughter of Süleyman of Germiyan, and was appointed as sanjak-bey to the lands given as his wife's dowry. He received the nickname "Lightning" due to his success and assertiveness in the Battle of Frenkyazısı. He demonstrated great usefulness in the victory of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. For this reason, his father Murad I, who was severely injured during the war in question, bequeath the title of sultan to him in his stead. When Murad I was martyred, he became the sultan in his father's stead. In 1393-1394, he conquered Rumelia and besieged Istanbul. In 1396, he defeated the Crusader armies in the Battle of Nicopolis and annexed Bulgaria to Ottoman lands. He was defeated and captured by Timur in the Battle of Ankara in 1402. He died in 1403 and his body was brought to Bursa where it was buried in the tomb built by his son Süleyman Çelebi. He built important works such as The Grand Mosque, Bedesten, The Yıldırım Complex and Darüşşifa, and Kazerûnî Zâviyesi in Bursa and organized foundations for them.

Anasayfaya Dön

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