Water 2021-2022
  1. One example of Water Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting is the  Artificial Pond at the main campus of the university. Bursa Uludag University pond was constructed in 2002. The volume of the pond is 0.69 hm3. The pond serves irrigational purposes within the main campus.   All of the gardens and arable fields within the campus are irrigated using the water in the pond. The pond harvests rainwater.
  1. Some of the Bursa Uludag University buildings have separate sewerage systems for sewerage and rainwater. Rainwater is collected from the roofs of these buildings and discharged into canals and dry creeks around the buildings. Additionally, there is a plan to improve the rainwater harvesting system for the buildings at the campus. It will be started with the Environmental Engineering Department building. The second image above shows the official document to implement this plan. The rainwater will be used within the building (for toilets and cleaning purposes) and irrigation of the garden of the building.  
  1. A rainwater harvesting system was developed for Environmental Engineering Department. Hitachi Astemo company supported the project financially as a partner of the project. Approximately 200 m2 of the roof area of the Environmental Engineering department was actively used for the rainwater harvesting project. The rainwater gutters in the building were connected to the common system with a diameter of 150 mm, and the collected rainwater was given to the 2000-liter underground tank. With the submersible pump operated depending on the control panel, a structure was created to meet the amount of water needed for floor cleaning and garden irrigation.

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