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The Department of International Relations

The Department of International Relations, established within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Uludag University, began to teach Bachelor’s courses in 1982. Today its graduates number in the thousands. The aims of the Department, that now includes Masters and PhD programs in collaboration with the Institute of Social Sciences, are to understand the themes in international politics, giving special emphasis to Turkish foreign policy, to comprehend Turkey’s national interests and to enlighten scientists and public opinion on these matters.

The Department’s programs are being continuously updated to reflect the increasing scope of international relations together with the process of globalization. Mandatory and optional courses at Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels give students the abilities necessary to fulfil their career aspirations.

In the Department there are presently 1,250 Bachelor’s, 46 Masters and 21 PhD students. Since its establishment, the Department has had 5,000 Bachelors, 45 Masters and 15 PhD graduates working in the public and private sectors, and in academia in Turkey and abroad.

The Department has always been strongly international in character: today, the majority of our graduates and a good proportion of our undergraduates are drawn from Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America and even further afield.


Mission of Department

The enduring values of Uludag University are innovative critical thinking, an interdisciplinary approach to research and learning, and an understanding that quality is at the heart of all we do.

We as a Department have devoted ourselves to producing patriotic individuals with global concerns, equipped with modern knowledge and culture, able to communicate, research, analyse and cope with problems, who have leadership abilities and who regard it as their duty to make their findings available internationally.


Vision of Department

Our vision is to be an institution that provides a high quality education in international relations, producing academic publications, continuously modernizing itself and making public contributions at the national and international level, and whose specialists and products are regarded as of value.  The five current teaching staff, aided by three PhD students and three research assistants, are all committed to this vision.       

Another of the Department’s objectives is to educate specialists primarily for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and associated Ministries, as well as managers who are open-minded, have problem-solving abilities, and a desire to work in the private sector.


Divisions of Department



Uludag University

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
16059 Nilüfer / BURSA


Department Secretariat

Tel: +90 224 294 11 97
Fax: +90 224 294 10 03
Email: sinemkara@uludag.edu.tr

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