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Computer Programming









Our department is an associate’s degree programme aiming to supply the need of IT industry for intermediate workforce. It educates technicians who are able to define, analyse and solve the problems to do with computer technologies. The graduates, adopting lifelong learning as a principal target, are expected to be cognizant of their vocational, ethical and social responsibilities, be respectful to people, society and nature and be willing to participate in teamwork.


Members Of the Teaching Staff

Associate Professor Dr.Abdil Kuş, Head of the Department (abdilkus@uludag.edu.tr)

Lecturer Ebru Yeniman Yıldırım, Head of the Programme (yeniman@uludag.edu.tr)

Lecturer Uğur Fındıkoğlu (ugurfindikoglu@gmail.com)

Lecturer Hatice Çavuş (hyilmaz@uludag.edu.tr)

Lecturer Hülya Bozyokuş(hbozyokus@gmail.com)

The curriculum can be found here