Harmancık History



Harmancık was founded in 14.th centuries by time of foundation of Otoman Empire. It was accured after the congues of adronos  (Orhaneli) between the years of 1324-1325. Historical adronos city was founded by the emperor of roma, hadrianus.


Harmancık was bound to adronos as a small village. But It was dore as town time by time. Fort example, in 1869 Orhaneli was bounded to Harmancık as “Beyce Bucağı”. Harmancık was called as “Çardı” among the public that times “Çardı” means that Harmancık had four rivers and four hills around it.


Population and Managing


Total population is 8000. It has 9 wars and 22 villages. There is municipality in Harmancık.


Geographical Position and Contacts


Harmancık is between Balıkesir, Bursa and Kütahya .There are Domaniç and Tavşanlı at the east, Gökçedağ and Dursunbey at the west, Keles and Orhaneli at the north and Simav at the South. It is 96 kms for from Bursa. It's width is 365 km² . It has a train station and this station makes easy to trawel the cities of Balıkesir, İzmir, Eskişehir, and Ankara.




There is a universty which has 6 programs and a multi programmed high school and two primary schools.





There is a hospital in Harmancık. It has a dentist, two family doctors, an emergency servise doctor 7 nurses. Also there are two pharmacist in Harmancık.


Culture and Tourism


There is a historical place calles as “ Karaveyisoğlu Masion”. There are hot springs which have come from Bizans empire. At the west of the town in the village of “Ilıcaksu”.These hot springs asr very healthy so lots of their healty. A cultural festival is done in Harmancık every year. It takes 6 days. Mony people come to this festival from the other cities and towns. Harmancık has several picnik areas, a lake named Karaca.


Economy and Agriculture

Its economy depends on mining, agriculture. People grow barley, wheat, chickpea, corn, stawberry, sugar beet and anise. Harmancık is ver rich from the point of mine especially crom. Crom was found for the first time in Harmancık by Lawrence SİMİTH an American Jeolog .There are also marble and maniazit mines.

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