Director's Message
 Director's Message

Dear Students

As is known, the factors affecting a country's development at the beginning of the trained manpower income. This is a well-planned education may be possible. Students in their chosen field of technical, practical and theoretical knowledge that can be fully and truly one of the institution in workforce training will feature express Vocational School. Vocational schools, secondary education based on at least four semesters, including a program aiming to train qualified manpower, or license the first stage represents a higher education institution is defined as. Nowadays, the importance of vocational education has increased quite, although could not yet reached the desired level. DPT's 8 Five-year development plan target of 65% were provided for vocational training, in fact, this rate has remained at the level of 23%. This result does that mean to you now, yet the market to meet the needs of the number of qualified workers is not reached, each of you will have a high chance of finding a job when you graduate. Therefore you choose the best branch to graduate qualifications gained as should efforts. Our college, students in the academic year 2015-2016 has 35 teaching staff in the 7 program and 827 students and education activities are ongoing. Vocational programs for our Marine and Port Management Borusan Logistics with the University-Industry Cooperation Agreement was signed on 21/07/2009. This protocol, Marine and Port Management program of the final year students, theoretical education in our schools 3 days a week, 2 days in the Borusan Logistics Business will be conducted in the form of practical training. International Trade Program at the last class of students, to see practical training in a similar fashion, individual interviews with companies as a result of the program headed by the students on practical training in companies are related. Other programs within the companies are doing similar work for the preparation of protocols. Congratulate you and your family, I wish a successful and happy student life.


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