Our faculty Animal Hospital has started to serve 24/7 with night and weekend shifts.

In the Animal Hospital of our faculty, the "Appointment System" was introduced in patient admission.

It is important to call 0 224 2940801-02-03 during weekday working hours to request an appointment.

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Uludağ University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Animal Hospital (Animal Health Research and Application Center) was put into service on April 16, 2008. Our animal hospital is one of the few animal hospitals in Turkey approved by EAEVE (European Association of Veterinary Medicine Education Institutions) and has a total of 7500 m2 has a closed area. The closed area serving as a hospital on the ground floor of the building is 5000 m2Is.

As in developed countries, our hospital is planned according to animal species for the first time in Turkey and has a structure in European standards. For this reason, there are 3 clinics in the hospital: Small Animal, Horse and Farm Animals Clinic. In our hospital, which serves 7 days / 24 hours, there are Consultation, Waiting Room, Emergency Clinic, Pharmacy, Cashier, Radiodiagnostic Center, Central Laboratory, Central Sterilization, Laundry, many examination and application rooms and halls according to animal species. Emergency clinic; examination rooms, on-call physician and on-call student rooms.

In the Small Animal Clinic; There are a total of 3 fully equipped operation rooms, anesthesia preparation, intensive care and rehabilitation units, eye examination room, dressing room, dental unit, vaccination room, Eco-ECG unit, exotic animal examination room, behavioral patients examination room, dog and cat hospitalization units, hospitalization unit for infectious diseases, autopsy room. In the Horse Clinic; There is 1 fully equipped operation room, anesthesia preparation, intensive care and rehabilitation units, ECG-Endoscopy unit, hardware store, pain observation room, hospitalization units for horse hospitalization and infectious diseases. In the Farm Animals Clinic; There are 1 fully equipped operation room, foot treatment unit, calf observation room, delivery room, cattle hospitalization and infectious diseases hospitalization units.

Our hospital is managed by a chief physician, 2 deputy chief physicians and 1 administrative chief. In the Surgery Clinic; 3 Professors, 1 Lecturer Dr., 3 Research Assistants and 2 Technicians in the Internal Medicine Clinic; 6 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 1 Lecturer Dr. and 1 Laboratory, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic; 5 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 1 Dr. Lecturer, 1 Research Assistant, Fertilization and Artificial Insemination Clinic: 5 Professors, 2 Associate Professors are working.

Our hospital is not limited to serving only here, but also provides health services to the farms of the Breeding Cattle Breeders Association in the surrounding districts 3 days a week with our 1 equipped Ambulance Clinic vehicle. In addition, consultancy services are provided to two large modern farms with the participation of our students. When necessary, treatment is provided here by providing on-site or according to the patient's condition with the called system. Our faculty serves the west of Turkey, especially the Marmara and Aegean Region, in the hospital with such physical and technical facilities with its experienced faculty members and staff. The services we provide are not limited to animal health, Veterinarians are interested in animal health, provide services to environmental health and public health and work in integrity from beginning to end in Farm to Fork Food Safety.

In addition to the health service areas in the Animal Health Research and Application Center; There are educational facilities such as 2 large classrooms, 3 classrooms for elective courses, a meeting room, a rest room for students and shower places.

This center has become an important research center besides patient service along with student education. While some of the researches are directly related to animal health, we believe that some of the researches make significant contributions to human health with the experimental studies of the Clinical Branches of the Faculty of Medicine.

Another goal of this center is to become a Continuing Education Center in the field of Veterinary Medicine in Turkey. The congresses and symposiums with international participation, which are indicators of this, reach their purpose with the trainings given to Veterinarians by world-renowned people coming from around the world.


For informationChief Physician: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zafer MECİTOĞLU
Tel : 0 224 29 40 805

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