10th IFPRS Invitation Letter

10. Uluslararası Lif ve Polimer Araştırmaları Sempozyumu

13-14 Mayıs 2022, İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi-Gümüşsuyu-Taksim

10th International Fiber and Polymer Research Symposium

13-14 May 2022, Istanbul Technical University-Gumussuyu-Taksim-Turkey


16th December 2021

Dear Academician and Researcher of Fibers and Polymers,


10th ULPAS, 13-14 May 2022 at Istanbul Technical University

“Smart and Technical Textiles”

We are deeply happy and proud to announce that the “10th International Fiber and Polymer Research Symposium” will be held on 13-14th May 2022 as HYBRID SYMPOSIUM with the hosting of Istanbul Technical University-Turkey.

The purpose of the symposium is to bring the national as well as the international either public or private researchers in the fields of fibers and polymers together to discuss and share their scientific, technological and innovative outcomes. To this end, the topics ranging from novel polymers and fibers to characterization, by using natural extracts for the development of novel materials for medical, cosmetic and food applications, to photovoltaic items that produce electricity from sun light, to acoustics management by novel polymers have been discussed at our symposium series. With your contribution, this symposium will be a knowledge sharing, technology disseminating, brain storming event for the benefit of all us in these fields.

The 10th ULPAS will be focused on Smart and Technical Textiles and will have the following topics as focus areas:

The symposium will be organized as plenary and parallel sessions according to the topics of the presentations. We invite you to submit your FULL MANUSCRIPT prepared according to the Guidelines enclosed before the 15th February 2022 by sending it ulpas@itu.edu.tr. The abstract submitted will be screened and evaluated by the Symposium Scientific Committee and the accepted presentations will be announced and included in the Symposium Program. 

The papers submitted to the symposium, which have sufficient scientific content, will be published as a special issue of an internationally indexed journal.

For the first time 10.ULPAS will have the following additional features;



We urge you to submit the results of your valuable research work at the scientific and industrial platform of the “10th International Fiber and Polymer Research Symposium”.

Hope to see you on-site and on-line on 13-14th of May 2022.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of The Association of Fiber and Polymer Research Institute.


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