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Date of Enrollment : 3rd July - 16th July 2018 (Hours: 09.00 – 17.00)

Those who do not enroll to the relevant department between the given dates will lose the right to enroll. Enrollment cannot be made if any document is missing.

After the preliminary placements, a second placement of remaining applicants to vacant quotas will be made and the final results will be announced on 20th July 2018, Friday.

After the second placements, a third placement of remaining applicants to vacant quotas will be made. During the third placements, the applicants' exam scores or secondary education GPAs will be evaluated, at which the one with the higher points will be used and the applicants will be placed accordingly. The results of the third placements will be announced on 6th August 2018.

CLICK for Placement Results and Acceptance Letter.

(Applicants are required to log in using the Passport No/ Foreign Student ID No/ TC No that they used during preference applications. Applicants will not be sent Acceptence Letter by mailing.)

Documents Required from Applicants Entitled to Register to Foreign Student Admission Quotas

1. Original high school diploma or interim graduation certificate,

- Turkish translation verified by notary or a Turkish Foreign Delegation required if it is in a language other than Turkish or English.

2. Transcript verified by high school directorate showing the applicant's courses, grades and GPA,

- Except diplomas taken from Turkish Ministry of National Education and except those that include GPA.

- Turkish translation verified by notary or a Turkish Foreign Delegation required if it is in a language other than Turkish or English.

3. ULUYÖS Exam Result Document,

- Applicants who use other exam results must submit signed and notary verified exam result documents.

4. Copy of passport/ ID Card/ Blue Card (If the applicant has two nationalities one of which is Turkish, he/she must submit Certificate of Identity Register Copy),

5. Bank Receipt showing tuition fee has been paid to the relevant bank after student number is learnt during registration,

-Students who will be granted leave of absence for the purpose of learning Turkish must pay the tuition fee of their faculty/ vocational school as well.

--> CLICK for 2018-2019 Academic Year Detailed Information about Tuition Fees.

6. 2 headshot photos,

7. Financial Status Document showing the student has the financial means to afford education in Turkey, --> CLICK for Financial Status Proclamation.

8. Acceptance Letter,

9. Original Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate, (During final enrollment, those who do not submit a document showing their level of Turkish Language will be considered A1 Level.)

- Those wo completed overall high school education in a Turkish high school abroad (allied to Turkish Ministry of National Education) or in a high school in Turkey are not required to submit Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate)

10. Diploma Equivalency Certificate,

- If the original Diploma Equivalency Certificate of the high school diploma taken from Provincial Directorate of Turkish Ministry of National Education or Turkish Foreign Representatives is not submitted during registration, it can be later submitted to the Registrar's Office until the end of Fall semester. (Turkish Ministry of National Education asks for 'Apostille' verified diploma for diploma equivalency transactions.)

11. Copy of Residence Permit and Foreign Personal Identity Number

-Applicants who do not reside in our country will submit the original residence permit taken from Bursa Provincial Immigration Directorate during registration so a photocopy of the document can be made. (The foreign personal identitiy number, which can be obtained after residence permit must be submitted to the relevant Registrar's Office until the beginning of the academic year.)

Turkish Language Level

CLICK for Bursa Uludağ University Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center (ULUTÖMER).

Foreign Language Proficiency Test

CLICK for foreign language proficiency test taken to be exempt from mandatory / optional foreign language prep class or foreign language classes given as part of 5/i, departments with mandatory foreign language prep class, and Exemption Exam Calendar.

Enrollment can be made in person or by proxy.

--> CLICK for Sample Proxy Statement.


*Bursa Uludağ University Görükle Campus MEDICO Building (Student Dining Hall) Nilüfer / Bursa


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