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Addtional Exam Announcement!

According to the 31st article of the Uludağ University Associate Degree and Bachelor's Degree Training Regulation, at the end of 2017-2018 academic year before the make-up exams, an additional exam will be held on June 08, 2018 for those who would like to take one. Students who would like to take the additional exam must submit an application letter to the relevant department until 4th June 2018 (the names of the lessons will definitely be specified in the application letter). Each student is granted the right to take the additional exam only once. For this reason, students who take the additional exam before the make-up exam and fail it cannot take the additional exams to be held after the make-up exams (a statement to not claiming for an additional exam after the make-up exams will tak place in the application letter). Students who fail the additional exam will be given the right to prefer between summer education and make-up exam. Associate or Bachelor's degree students who take all the courses in the program, do not fail due to absence and gain the right to enter the exams at the end of the semester/ year can take the additional exam on condition that:

1) They fail a maximum of two courses with FF or FD grades OR with only one non-credit course with K.

2) They do not have a GPA of minimum 2.00 despite not failing the classes with FF or FD during the last two semesters AND they have a maxiumum of two classes passed with DD, DC, CC to be able to upgrade their GPA to 2.00.

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