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Announcement on Student Amnesty Law No 7143

Candidates who want to benefit from the amnesty law pursuant to provisional Article 78 added by Law No. 7143 to Law No. 2547, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 18.05.2018 and numbered 30425, must apply to the department which they have not registered even though they are entitled/ were dismissed until 18th September 2018.

★ The procedures to be made after the application will be announced later in line with the procedures and principles determined by the Council of Higher Education.

Required Documents and the Application Form for the Amnesty Law are listed below:

1- CLICK for the application form.

2- Criminal record (via the public prosecutor's office or e-government)

3- Military Status Document (via Military Service or e-government)

4- Output of ÖSYM Exam Result Document (Obligatory for candidates who have registered yet even though they are entitled.)

Related Law Article;

"PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 78- All students, including those who willingly ended their education at any grade of orientation phase, associate degree, undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate until this article entered in force, exculding those who were dismissed from university because of terror offence or the state of being involved in a terrorist organization, may apply to their relevant department of the relevant university within 4 months from the day of effectiveness of this article and start their education again in the 2018/ 2019 academic year.

For those who are obliged to join the army during the application period, the military service is deemed to be deferred. Those who are engaged in military service at the date of entry into force of this Article will be entitled to the rights specified in this article if they apply to the relevant higher education institution within 2 months following their demobilization.

Those who register with the provisions of this article at the higher education institution that they once broke off and who certify that their work or residence is located in another city may realize undergraduate transfer to an equivalent diploma program in a university in the city they reside within the framework of the procedures and principles determined by senates on condition that they have the base score of the university they want to register by the entrance year and if the university senates in the city they reside approve it.

Those who have gained student status in a higher education institution benefiting from this Article may transfer to the equivalent departments of Anadolu University, Atatürk University and İstanbul University distance education associate degree or undergraduate level. The Council of Higher Education is authorized to determine the procedures and principles regarding the implementation of this article ... "

NOTE: Applications will be made to the Student Affairs offices of the relevant units.

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