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Free the Photographer Within (Photo Competition about Central Library)

Free the Photographer Within (Photo Competition about Central Library)

Within the scope of 54thLibrary Week (26 March-01 April 2018); a photo competition and exhibition on "Central Library" will be organized by Uludağ University Library and Documentation Department.

The first three will be rewarded with;

1. Competitor Casper VIA.F2 model Smart phone

2. Competitor Kodak Pixpro AZ401 Black 16MP 40X Optical Zoom Digital (Camera)

3. Competitor Kodak Pixpro AZ252 Black 16MP 25X Optical Zoom Digital (Camera)



1. The photo contest is open to all students studying at Uludağ University.

2. Applicants will fill out the Application Form and submit it to the Library Advisory Department (at least A4 size) in printed form on glossy paper and also in person (as a file with USB device etc.).

3. The photos must be original. In the case of submitting inauthentic photographs, the legal responsibility for copyrights will belong to the persons. The submitters of those photos will be deemed to have declared and committed to the works belonging to them.

4. The photographs to be submitted to the competition must not have been awarded in any other competition. There is no question of returning the work submitted to participate in the competition. The works submitted to the competition will be archived and then published or exhibited when found necessary at Uludağ University.

5. In the Application Form, the contestant's identity and contact information must be filled out completely.

6. Photos to be submitted must not be contrary to Turkish laws and general moral codes. Such works will be excluded from evaluation, directly and without notice.

7. Photographing in the library during the competition will be free.

8. Responsibility for second or third persons likely to be in the photograph will be of the competitor.

9. The deadline for entry to the competition is March 23, 2018. Applications will be made to the Library Advisory Unit during working hours (08.00-17.00).

10. Entrants will be announced via the library web page.

  1. Competitors must not be working half-time in the library right now.



1. The photographs must include the "Central Library" theme, directly or indirectly. Photos outside of the subject will be excluded from tevaluation.

1.1 Photos taken in the Central Library

1.2 Photos about Central Library Services

1.3 Photographs on the importance of the Central Library (may also be selfie)

The photos to be sent must have been printed in color and glossy paper at least in A4 format.



Photographs must be submitted (At least A4 size and in the form of a file with USB device etc.) to the Library Advisory Unit together with the application form in the Advisory Unit.


The works will be evaluated by the jury formed within the Library and Documentation Department.



Deadline for participation: March 23, 2018

Evaluation and Exhibition Date: 26 March-01 April 2018

Result release date: 09 April 2018

The award ceremony will be announced with a subsequent announcement.



Library Advisory Unit

0 224 294 04 90

0 224 294 04 94


Uludağ Üniversitesi -Görükle Merkez Kampüs - 0(224) 294 0600