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Lateral Transfer According to Central Placement Score (Additional Article-1) for the 2017-2018 Academic Year Fall Semester


2017-2018 Academic Year Fall Semester

Lateral Transfer According to Central Placement Score (Additional Article-1)

Required documents, application and evaluation schedule is stated below for the students who will make lateral transfer to the university in accordance with the Additional Article 1 related to the lateral transfer with the central placement score of the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Principles of Transition between Associate Degree and Undergraduate Programs of Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Interacademic credit transfer by minor, the Quotas for Lateral Transfer . The application will be made in person to the related units. (Faculty / Vocational School). Incomplete documents and application that are not suitable for the declaration will not be evaluated.



1- ÖSYS-DGS Result Document (internet output)

2- LYS Result Document for those who wants to make lateral transfer with a different score

3- Certified transcript

4- Certified Lesson Contents (for exemption process)

5- Copy of ID

6- Student's certificate  (from the faculty or e-government)

7- Document confirming that the student has not received disciplinary penalty from the Higher Education Institution.

8- Document conforming that the student did not transfer according to the score of Central Placement before

9- Document proving that the student had completed the Preparatory Class program.



Application:                                                                             :01-15 August  2017

Evaluation:                                                                               :21-25 August 2017

Announcement of Results on the Web Page                           :29 August 2017

Registration                                                                             :05-07 September 2017

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