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Foreign National Students;

All foreign national students coming to Turkey or already in Turkey who are studying/will study at any level or are enrolled/will enroll to Turkish language courses in order to learn Turkish are required to follow the required procedures within the visa or visa exemption period and get their permits pursuant to Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection. Accordingly;
In case you (1) continue to study in a different faculty/department of the same university or (2) transfer to another university located in the same city during your resident permit period; please report your status to the provincial immigration administration within 20 workdays to update your personal details provided that your student status is not disrupted.

In case you change the university, faculty or department located in a different city, you are required to apply to the relevant provincial immigration administration available in the city where your new university is located in within 10 days for residence permit. All procedures will be finalized by the relevant provincial immigration administration available in the city where your new university is located in.

Foreign national students that need to extend their residence permits during their period of study must apply to the Immigration Administration within 10 days after the expiry of their permits for renewal provided that a current student certificate evidencing enrollment is submitted,

Foreign national students losing their residence permits or passports must apply to the relevant authorities immediately and get new ones within 10 days,

Foreign national students changing their residential address must notify the evacuated and the new transferred address to the Immigration Administration Offices within 10 days,

Students are covered by general health insurance within three months starting from their date of enrollment if requested and accordingly valid health insurance is not sought, however, such students must notify the administration within three months after getting the general health insurance.

In case the student is under the age of eighteen; a letter of undertaking issued by real or legal persons in Turkey is sought provided that the parents or legal guardian living abroad issues a deed of consent and the names of such real or legal persons in Turkey are specified in such deed. Such documents must be Apostille certified and translated into Turkish.

You cannot apply to student residence permit if you are not enrolled to any associate/bachelor/master’s/doctoral programs in any university but enrolled to a Turkish learning program only. You need to apply to short-term residence permit.

You cannot apply to student residence permit if you are enrolled to open education programs. You must apply to other residence permit types that you are eligible for.

If you have a lease contract, you must include a notary certified copy of such lease contract in your application documents.

If you are staying in a dorm, you must include a signed (wet/digital) and sealed/stamped certificate stating that you are staying in a dorm, in your application documents.

If you are staying in a hotel, motel, etc., you must include a document stating that you are staying in such a place, in your application documents.


Residence Permit Application Form (to be signed by foreigner and/or legal representative)

Passport or equivalent document original and copy (pages containing the personal details and photography of the holder and all processed pages)

Four (4) passport photos (Shot in the past 6 months on white background in biometric size. Do not upload family photos, selfies, hard to recognize, outdated or black & white photographs to the system, otherwise your residence permit will not be issued!)

Declaration stating that you have sufficient and regular financial resources throughout your stay (To be declared on the Application Form. Administration is entitled to ask supporting documents.)

Valid health insurance (Insurance term must cover the term of requested residence permit. Any one of the following is deemed sufficient):

- Signed (wet/digital) and sealed/stamped document issued by provincial social security units stating that you are entitled to make use of the healthcare services provided in Turkey as a part of dual social security conventions

- Signed (wet/digital) and sealed/stamped proof of provision issued by Social Security Institution (proof of provision issued by Social Security Institution shall cover both sponsors and family members)

- Signed (wet/digital) and sealed certificate related to the application submitted to Social Security Institution for getting general health insurance

- Private health insurance (The policy must state the following, “This policy includes the minimum coverage structure as stipulated in the communiqué no. 9 dated 06.06.2014 on private health insurance to be taken for residence permit requests”. Please submit the original signed and sealed/stamped copy of your insurance policy at the time of application! Please include a certified (signed, sealed) copy of your insurance policy in extension requests).

Student certificate stating that they are actively entitled to benefit from student rights (bearing wet/digital signature and seal/stamp)

For more information please click on the following link to visit Provincial Immigration Administration website.

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