Brief History

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was establihed in 1976 and started the education under the name of Bursa University Mechanical Engineering Faculty at Hürriyet Tezok Campus. In the first year, education was performed only in Mechanical Engineering Department and in the following year Textile Engineering Department was opened to education.
The two faculties were unified under the name of the Faculty of Engineering in Uludag University as a result of reorganization realized in Higher Education Institutions in 1982. With opening decision of the Department of Architecture in 1993, the name of the faculty was changed as the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Uludag University. The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was moved to the Görükle Campus, Bursa, in 1985. Mechanical Engineering Department was also in the bulding of the Faculty up to 2010. The education continues in its modern building built in 2010 by donations of Ali Durmaz, who is an industrialist from Bursa.Since 2013 with the seperation of Faculty of Engineering-Architecture it has been called Faculty of Engineering.

Anasayfaya Dön

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