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Department of  Econometrics

The Department of Econometrics aims to train skilled Economists, Econometrics, Statisticians and Operational Researchers who have the ability to analyze and synthesize, can easily follow any economic literature, can enter into conscious discussions with their own and closely related expertise, and can conduct scientific research on their own in economic matters. In order to reach this aim, courses covering six science fields are given in the 8-semester Education-Training plan.

In the Department of Econometrics, which aims to teach by applying economics, the courses in the first two years are somehow common to other departments. In the third and fourth years, the basic courses of the department are taught to a certain extent.

The Department of Econometrics, which is in close cooperation with the University's Information Technology Center, is using computers intensively from the third year onwards and provides internship opportunities in the summer for summer vacations.

The Department of Econometrics, which has an intensive practical education, has the opportunity to find jobs easily as an economist, econometrician, statistician, operational researcher and computer programmer in public and private sector when they graduate.


Mission of the Department

1- Developing models related to the efficiency and quality improvement required by the private and public sector and having students implement them,

2- To give basic information about econometrics, statistics and management to set up model at macro and micro level and to explain to students how these models can be used,

3- To educate qualified students who can work in the public and private sector information system departments equipped with the knowledge of the level that can perform system administration and data analysis,

4- To transfer the theory of economics to the students in terms of statistics and mathematics and to pioneer the use of econometric, statistical and operational techniques according to the quality of economic problems.



Vision of the Department

1- To train students in economics, statistics, econometrics and management science branches which are needed according to the developing world and country conditions and to increase their research and problem solving achievements,

2- To educate the students with the ability of research and analysis appropriate to the changing needs of the public and private sectors,

3- To carry out scientific researches aimed at solving economic and social problems at the urban and country level and to present these researches to the public,

4- To train specialist students who can work in the private and public sectors in the graduate education and the scientists who need the country.

5-To teach the skills and techniques that enable interpretation in a system with information, statistics, operation and econometric analysis methods produced by today's economic and social activities,

6- Providing students with information about the branches of statistical process control, sampling, econometrics and management, which are the basics of process improvement, data evaluation and reporting needed by today's enterprises,

7- To teach economic and social events correctly with basic economics and business education, analysis techniques and skills for testing and interpreting economic theories,

8- To provide students with enough information equipment to work as a computer system administrator and computer software developer.


Divisions of the Department


Address :

Uludag University

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
16059 Nilüfer / BURSA


Department Secretariat

Tel : +90 224 294 11 91
Fax : +90 224 294 10 03
Email :  ekonometrisek@uludag.edu.tr


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