About Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Since 1982 Department of management offers courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Mission of the Department

The department’s mission is to cultivate business students’ managerial and entrepreneurial skills, conduct scientific research that contributes to the field of business administration, facilitate continuous improvement, and produce innovative knowledge that creates value for all the stakeholders.


Vision of the Department

Our vision is to be a department that is preferred for its high quality research and education, that contributes to the field of business administration via its faculty, that provides the business education and cultivates students’ talents to meet the expectations of the businesses and the society, develops students’ analytical decision-making skills, cultivates ethical values in students, and continuously renews and improves itself.

Department of Business Administration and business organizations in the region have several ongoing joint projects. Undergraduate and graduate students take role in these projects and they gain invaluable experience for their future career.


Divisions of the Department


Address :

Uludag University

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
16059 Nilüfer / BURSA 


Department Secretariat

Tel       : +90 224 294 11 92
Fax      : +90 224 294 10 03
Email : nilayacar@uludag.edu.tr 


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