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Department of Public Finance

Department of Public Finance has sustained the educational activity in both bachelor degree and postgraduate since 1982 as a part of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and has contributed literature through academic research.

Department of Public Finance has a curriculum equipped with information from public finance and its related sciences such as economics, law, public administration and business. Therefore, our students have trained in many fields for public and private sector with the credit system. Graduated students have worked in different areas such as tax inspector, administrative court judge, customs consultant and certified public accountant.



Mission of the Department

Mission of the department is raising individuals who able to self-improve depend on modern, secular, democratic and rules of law; love our country and nation; is honest and reliable; depend on society and humanity with love and respect as a person equipped with modern education; attach importance public benefits instead of personal interest; acquired research and development ability; like to read and able to ask questions and discuss; want to share her/his received education-training; able to examine fiscal issues relating needs of public and private sectors with economics, sociology, law and politics approach and able to produce positive results from them for society and humanity in the light of Atatürk’s principles and revolutions



Vision of the Department

Vision of the department is to be a department which ensures the public and private sector structuring reached the level of contemporary information societies for our country; train our students not only to learn and to teach but also to think, to search, to interpret and to understand issues relating economic, fiscal, political, sociological and legal in terms of developments in the country and the world, target and realize qualified public finance education; produce useful information for society, country and humanity.



Divisions of the Department



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Uludag University

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Department of Public Finance
16059 Nilüfer / BURSA



Department Secretariat

Tel : +90 224 294 11 93
Fax : +90 224 294 10 03
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