Department of  Economics

Department of Economics, located in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, founded in 1974. Department of economics has around 2000 students at undergraduate level.  The primary aim of the department of economics at the undergraduate level is to equip students with analytic capabilities of analyzing economic issues and searching for solutions to economic problems on both national and international levels. In addition, training qualified researchers and economic scientist with an intellectual background and equipped with capabilities of producing solutions to economic and social problems via academic activities are aimed via academic activities conducted in the department.

Our education language is Turkish in the department. A library, reading room and a computer lab is available for students´ use. Students have the opportunity of studying at contracting universities during at most two semesters within the Erasmus and Farabi programs. Academic staffs consist of 6 professors, 2 associate professors, 5 assistant professor. Courses are carried over in classrooms endowed with projection devices.

Graduates of the department of economics are employed various area of public and private sector. Accordingly, graduates of economics can be participate in various occupation such as banking, finance, foreign trade, planning, accounting, etc.



Mission of the Department


By equipping faculty members and their assistants with tools that will lead to contemporary knowledge,

By establishing the infrastructure that will keep the teaching system up to date for the students,

To educate teaching staff and students as useful individuals to the Turkish society, to think scientifically, to access the information easily and to use the knowledge for the benefit of the society and to comply with the basic principles of the Republic of Turkey.


Vision of the Department

Our department's education and training at the level of knowledge that can compete with the most advanced economics departments of the world, and developing and researching projects that will contribute to the people of our country and to the world societies.


Divisions of the Department


Address :

Uludag University

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
16059 Nilüfer / BURSA


Department Secretariat

Tel : +90 224 294 11 96
Fax : +90  224 294 10 03
Email :



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