Academic Incentive Allowance Application Procedure and Preparation


Academic Incentive Allowance Application Procedure and Preparation

Academic Incentive Application Procedure Announced

The Academic Incentive Allowance Regulation has been revised with the amendments made by the Council of Ministers dated 14/5/2018 and numbered 2018/11834.

The current regulation, the required forms and the list of members of the Academic Incentive Coordination, Supervision and Appeals Commission have been published on the Academic Incentive website of our university.

Detailed explanations have been made on the activities particularly in Articles 3 and 7 and tables of the new regulation.

In the Regulation on Academic Incentive Allowance, which has been renewed this year, sanctions were imposed with the Article 10.5 on the declarants who did not comply with the Academic Incentive Allowance Regulation. Considering this article, it is important to note that the applications have to be in compliance with the Academic Incentive Allowance Regulation.

Applications must be made in accordance with the calendar and forms given on the Academic Incentive website of our university.

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