Remote Access to our Library Databases (Online Resources)

Off-Campus Access

Access to the e-resources of our library (databases) outside the campus is very easy and smooth!

A NEW portal which you can access to thousands of resources (e-books, e-journals, articles, videos, etc.) that you can use for your research and homework is available.

You can register immediately and start using it right away.

You don't need to install any programs on your computer to get started.


All you need is an internet connection!

1. Log in to and click on register (create a new account).

2. If you are a staff member, please enter your e-mail address ending with or if you are a student, please enter your e-mail address ending with Then enter your personal password and other information, click the SEND button.

3. Please check your email address or and activate your account via mail.

Now you can start using the E-Library portal from anywhere.

Important Note: The e-mail address, which starts with your student number and continues with the @ extension, has been created for all our students (associate, bachelor, master, doctorate). When you click on the Quick Menu at the top right of our university's main web page, you can access your e-mail address by clicking the Student Mail link using your automation password.   

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